Term Share Certificates

Our Share Savings Accounts pay one of the highest dividend rates in the area; however, if you are looking to invest your money for a longer period of time, we now have just the thing to cure your investment blues - Term Share Certificates.

Term Share Certificates are now available in six month, one-year, eighteen month, two-year, and thirty month terms, with a dividend rate that is fixed at the time you invest. Dividends are paid quarterly and may be sent to you by check, deposited into your share savings account or added to your certificate to increase your yield. Minimum investment is $500, and you may have as many certificates as you desire. Your Term Share Certificates are federally insured just as your regular shares - up to an aggregate limit of $250,000.

Early withdrawals of certificates are subject to penalty.

Please call the credit union office for rates and other information.


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